[pct-l] Conditions from Canadian border to Stevens Pass 7.4.16

Andrea Dinsmore andrea at dinsmoreshikerhaven.com
Mon Jul 4 15:41:31 CDT 2016

For those individuals that are interested in conditions of the North
Cascade section of the PCT from the border to Stevens Pass. This is what I
* The fastest way to Monument 78 is to take the Robertson Creek trail to
the boundary trail to the PCT. That leaves you about four miles to go.
* From the border to Castle Pass there are blow downs and new vegetation
over the trail.
* From Castel Pass to Hopkins Pass you will find a few blow downs but clear
for the most part.
* From Hopkins Pas to Woody Pass snow, expect snow on steep inclines. This
section will be spaced out. Foot prints will melt away in a day.
* Woody Pass to Rock Pass you should expect steep snow patches on the step
trail. Take time to be safe here, water and rocky conditions
* Rock Pass to Holman Pass is spotty with snow and some blow downs.
* Holman Pass to Jim Pass expect blow downs, sections of snow on the north
west parts of the trail.
* Holman Pass to Harts Pass you will find snow over the trail in spots,
debris on the trail, soft edges of the trail where you can see cracking of
the trails edges.
* Harts Pass to Glacier Pass You will find snow in shaded sections on the
trail through contours of terrain.
* From Glacier Pass to Methow Pass expect to move slow. It is like a bomb
had gone off and took out the trail with blow downs.  I found it to be
faster to parallel the trail a few feet off than to climb through the mess.
Coming south when you hit the footbridge where trail 480 heads east to
river bend is the last of blowdown trail to Methow. There was snow and blow
downs the the last few miles before Methow pass when I went through.
* Methow Pass to Cutthroat Pass I encountered snow in sections, steep
washed out sections of trail, good size rocks on the trail.
* From Cutthroat Pass to Rainy pass  I started in snow and walked down out
of it. I encountered some blow downs but it looks as the PCTA have stared
to take care of some.
* From Rainy Pass to High Bridge (Stehekin) I did turn in this information
at the ranger station in Stehekin. I few blow downs, the trail has some
over growth but not bad. My travel was smooth and uninterrupted for the
most part. I made note that on the cable bridge over the water fall had
some board spacers missing and the cable that go through them missing. The
main support cables looked good to me so I crossed it. it does need some
* From High Bridge Hemlock Camp you will have little to worry about. Smooth
*From Hemlock to Plummer Bassin  you will have snow patches on sitting bull
* From Plummer Bassin to Suiattle Pass I had off and on snow sections.
* From Suiattle Pass to Suiattle river bridge. No worries
* From Suiattle River Bridge to the Vista Glacier bowl  I had smooth going
until the switch backs heading up the mountain where i encountered blow
downs here and there and snow a few miles to the top into the bowl.
* From the vista to Beakos Creek crossing There are a few blow downs and
lots of new vegetation over grow obscuring the trail. Some where in here
there is a section of trail missing and we climbed to the switch back ten
feet above us.
* From Beakos Creek Crossing to Reds Pass we encountered a good amount of
snow took some time to locate the trail and move in this area.
* From Reds Pass to White Pass there was snow across the trail on steep
inclines and snow  water melts making very sketchy Ice bridge crossings.
Not real cool to do.
* From White Pass to lake Sally ann In the snow for most part with varying
angles of edging foot work needed. I kept my axe on my pack. We did have
one issue with navigation that took five minutes to figure out,  the PCT
trail turns under the snow. We helped out some lost over night hikers here,
they were lost.
* From Lake Sally Ann to Wenatchee Pass we Had on and of again snow
crossings. Along here and there  blow downs.
* From Wenatchee Pass to Rainy Pass we Had on and of again snow crossings.
Along here and there  blow downs.
Now keep in mind the the weather is changing things and that foot steps are
disappearing. Have a map , compass and know how to use them. I recommend
having at least one day extra food with you. I do, it is also good currency
to trade for other snacks. Know what you are getting into and have the
skills and equipment for it.. Be safe out there......" MR. Z":

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