[pct-l] Metatarsal issues

Sarah Spergel sjspergel at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 17:06:37 CDT 2016

Hi Lisa,
I had metatarsalgia last summer hiking the CDT so bad that I could not walk
without doping myself up on Ibuprofen, eventually got off trail, and had
pain for a few months afterwards. Metatarsal pads helped me a lot--but not
the drugstore ones, which I had trouble keeping in place. I've had a lot of
success with Aetrex Lynco 405 orthotics--see:
orthotics and men's shoes. No foot problems since, knock on wood. I agree
with others that there are few one-size-fits all solutions for feet, but
these orthotics really helped me.

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> Hi,
> Been training for my Oregon section hike coming up July 28th. Started
> experiencing foot pain recently. It may be originating from my metatarsals,
> but has permeated to other areas of my feet as well.
> How does one manage this while training, and even more importantly, on the
> trail? Do metatarsal pads help? If so, any good recommendations?
> I recently switched to the Brooks Cascadia 10 and feel that although my
> feet may have been an underlying problem already, the shoes have
> exacerbated the condition. Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Lisa
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