[pct-l] prepping for the trail & shoe size

Laura Reed 1pint2007 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 15:50:25 CDT 2016

My opinion (and that's all it is) - the best way to prep for the trail is
to put on a weighted pack and walk and walk and walk whenever you can. Keep
your pack, good shoes and socks in the trunk of your car and when you have
15 minutes or 90 minutes, put it on and go.

Most people have a limited amount of time to prep for the trail due to work
or family obligations. If you only have 100 hours to devote to pre-trail
planning, I'd suggest 90 of those hours be on your feet with a pack and 10
of those hours be research. Again, just my thoughts.

As for shoe size, I'm the same size today as I was before I started long
distance hiking. I buy my trail shoes half a size larger than my normal
life shoes, but they haven't gotten wider or longer over the years.


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