[pct-l] usa boarder control?

Henry Armitage h at hpka.net
Mon Jun 27 13:03:09 CDT 2016

Be sure to get your US-Canada border permit before you arrive in the US.
Print it out and show it, along with your leaving Canada flight, to the US
CBP Officer if asked. There are no US exit controls when you leave the US
to Canada on land, although they may trade information (in which case, they
would know about your permit).

If later asked to prove you left the US, keep the following examples of
your leave date:
* Airline Ticket *and *boarding card (take a photo of them for safe keeping)
* Credit Card and Bank statements showing you using your card in another
location after your leave date
* Reciepts, doing the same. I've sent in credit card receipts for coffees
in the arrival airport as proof of leaving
* If you're returning to a job, paystubs work well.

If you get an i94 or i94w card stapled in your passport that you should
return, see this link:
(it's what I based the list above on).

While we are on the subject, please ensure you have a visa that covers your
full time in the USA.


On 27 June 2016 at 10:07, Pearson Jonathan <jon.pearson1958 at yahoo.com>

> Hi As an international hiker I intend, if I finish the trail, to fly home
> from Canada. My question is , will this mean that US immigration
> authorities will think I have not left? If so is there a way around this?
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