[pct-l] Yo-Yo the JMT

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Fri Mar 4 09:25:10 CST 2016

SnowBunny Reinhold wrote: I was hoping to run into Switchback riding his "Washboard" ( I run Rosignol B-2 which are known as downhill bombers), but Switchback is not really into the extreme stuff, he is more of a comfort loving critter. Perhaps I run into him when it gets warmer and closer to his comfort level. He is also very fashion oriented...you can't miss him when he comes strutting down the trail in his designer wardrobe, fuzzy pink camp slippers, & hand free umbrella.
Switchback the Trail Pirate replies: Yes, after my double knee replacement a few months ago, I plan to be back on the trail.  I am walking a half mile every day on a dirt trail near my house and then to the indoor pool.  SnowBunny did the 211 mile JMT in just over 4-days, when he was younger.  I will easily break that old record, when I get back out there.  In fact, I think I will yo-yo the JMT in 4-days just to make it interesting.  No problem.

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