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Just a few data points for you to consider:

I hiked a 100 mile loop in Yosemite in September 2011 and wore REI Sahara
cargo shorts (the older model -- the new ones are a lot tighter and
uncomfortable IMO) and brought thermal lowers and Marmot Precip waterproof
pants.  It got down into the upper 20s/ lower 30s at night.  At the end of
the day, I put my thermals on under my shorts and was plenty warm.  In the
morning, it was pretty chilly so I left the thermals on while I hiked until
it warmed up a bit.  Was in the 60s/70s during the day.  That worked out
fairly well, but having to take off your shoes and strip your lower half
down every morning was a little cumbersome and slightly annoying,
especially if you don't have something to sit on or lean up against while
you change so you don't step on the ground and get your socks dirty.  It
didn't rain so I never used the waterproof pants, and didn't need them for

For this years thru-hike, I'm going to try convertible pants which I've
never done on trips longer than 5+ days.  I've worn REI sahara convertible
pants for many years on shorter trips and love them, but I just bought a
pair of prAna Stretch Zion Convertible Pants and LOVE them.  They're a
little thicker, which I like, and the material is somewhat stretchy and
very soft.  Range of motion is exceptional -- the leg cuffs don't ride up
when I do a full squat.  The integrated belt design is much better too as
it has a regular button (as opposed to a snap button) and no buckle.  The
belt tightens by a simple pull on the webbing via a strap adjuster on the
side.  The REI belt usually needs to be re-tightened periodically but the
prAna seems to stay in place.  Newer REI models may be different though
since mine are a few years old.  The inseam on the prAnas is longer too,
which I like since I'm tall.

Probably won't bring thermals.  I figure if it gets cold enough, I can put
my waterproof pants overtop (I'm considering Zpacks, although pricey) or
crawl into my bag if it gets really cold, but I think two pairs of pants
will suffice.


On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 12:07 PM, David Money Harris <David_Harris at hmc.edu>

> Lylli,
> I wore REI Sahara convertible pants.  I’ve been wearing them for more than
> a decade and love them — they are light, keep the wind off, and keep me
> warm enough while hiking on chilly summer Sierra mornings while keeping the
> sun off me in the desert. Although they are convertible, I almost never
> zipped off the leggings.
> A few years ago while visiting Egypt, I observed that the locals
> completely cover in loose garments even though it is very hot.  I took the
> theory to heart and hike in light loose long sleeves and pants and a wide
> hat everywhere on the PCT, both in the hot desert and cool mountains.  It’s
> worked great — I thought I’d be too hot, but was actually remarkably
> comfortable.  I also get about a month out of a 1 oz tube of SPF 50
> sunscreen because it only goes on my nose and the backs of my hands, and I
> never burned on the trail.
> David
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> Hi all-
> What do people suggest for pants? Bring pants? Don't bring pants? If pants,
> what kind? I'm thinking of just bringing an extra pair of long johns,
> because that's what I like to wear, and usually don't get that cold on my
> legs. But I have no real experience with very high elevation such as the
> High Sierra (I'm from Seattle- done most of my long trips in the North
> Cascades). For reference, I'm a petite female, so I do run cold a lot of
> the time, but mostly when I'm not moving, which will be mostly when I'm in
> my sleeping bag since I'm planning a fairly high mileage/day trip. I feel a
> little silly that this is a dilemma of real importance to me- but so it
> goes.
> Thanks!
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