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I am right now in a tent 3.5 miles north of what I think was Sunrise Point at PCT 52. The trail gets somewhat sketchy for about 3/4 mile and is narrow and has very steep drop offs and does make make some skinny narrow tight turns around corners.  Having said all that .....it is totally doable. I have vertigo at times as well but as Tartan said the focus becomes on the trail in front of you and it becomes just another part of a great experience on this great adventure. 

Folks don't need to downplay certain aspects of the trail especially when a new person is asking questions to help them start mentally preparing for this adventure. 

Pete ...still waiting on my trail name 😄
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> On Mar 15, 2016, at 1:23 PM, Scott Bryce <sbryce at scottbryce.com> wrote:
>> On 3/15/2016 2:03 PM, Jim & Jane Moody wrote:
>> I might have the wrong place name.  I remember some early trail
>> sections where right was near-vertical up and left was near-vertical
>> down (several hundred ft down, it seemed like).
> I don't remember anyplace in the San Felipe Hills that fits that
> description, but I hiked in 2008, so I may not remember clearly. Some of
> the hills are a little steep, but...
>> But the trail itself was a wide, clear shelf cut into rock, so
>> passage was not difficult.
> And that is really key. The trail is wide enough that even someone with
> vertigo shouldn't feel like they are about to fall over the edge.
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