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I doubt Yosemite will ban all pack animals.   They would have to close down the High Sierra Camps and suspend a lot of trail maintenance.  


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I agree with Barry.  We are in a time that calls for great caution that we follow regulations we have agreed to follow.  If you accept a distance hiking permit, I think you have agreed to abide by it. I have never seen one of these permits, but when I accept a wilderness permit from Inyo, I sign my name agreeing to abide by its stipulations.  We know enforcement is minimal so it is largely an honor system, and most of the time it seems to work.
I monitor the JMT list as well.  For over a year, that list has had a great deal more traffic than the PCT list, because of the chaos imposed on trail users by Yosemite when they started the Donohue Pass exit quota.  Combining that quota with their seriously outdated FAX permit system is causing untold numbers of people to fail to get a JMT SOBO permit and ruining their plans to fulfill a lifelong dream.  Of course, they can still get a NOBO permit.  Most seem to opting to use alternate trails through Yosemite.
Now the rumor is that Yosemite will ban all pack animals on the trail. 
This will impact anyone who dreams of hiking the PCT with Pack Stock, or riding the PCT.  I won't engage in a debate with anyone about the merits or demerits of pack animals on the PCT.  Fact is, they are currently legal.  I'm a llama packer.  'nuff said.
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