[pct-l] Electronic Charging Appliances

Mike Belanger mikes4b22 at hotmail.com
Sun May 1 21:01:10 CDT 2016

Hello All,

What sort of options can you recommend for on- and off-trail charging of electronics (phone and GPS with AAA)?

My new phone doesn't have a removable battery so I am looking at portable USB chargers to take with me but with many weighing in at over a pound this just seems like overkill. I also have a GPS which takes AAA so I can swap those out but will want to recharge whenever possible.

What sort of mAh's are reasonable for about two/three full charges? What sort of amps give a reasonable recharge time...and how long is "reasonable" exactly?

Would you recommend a portable charger with removable AA/AAA batteries (if such a thing exists) instead of a solid core?

How about a solar charger? My gut tells me no but I'll throw it out there for debate.

What sort of wall chargers do you use for rapid multiple charging devices?

Any general tips for extending battery life on-trail and decreasing recharge times in-town?

Thanks in advance all of you wonderful folks!


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