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Jennifer Zimmerman jenniferlzim at gmail.com
Tue May 3 10:16:13 CDT 2016

I know you prefer Northern CA-OR, but my first suggestion would be the ~70
miles between Trout Lake and White Pass in WA (mile 2237 - 2305).  Mt.
Adams, the Goat Rocks Wilderness, and the Knife's Edge are all spectacular
and made for an incredible few days of hiking. Best views since the
Sierra.  If this distance is too short for your week-long trip you could
extend it past White Pass and finish up at the eastern entrance of Mt.
Rainier NP (an extra 30 miles).  This stretch would likely best be tackled
in August or later since it's very exposed in parts.

If you're still committed to Northern CA, I'd recommend the 100 miles
between I-5/Castle Crags and Etna Summit (mile 1506-1606) - though I'm not
aware if this area has been directly affected by fires in recent years.
This stretch had great views and was not too steep if I remember
correctly.  The Russian Wilderness especially is worth seeing.  If 100
miles is too long for a week's trip, you could start ~20 miles up the trail
from I-5 as there are various trailheads/parking areas sprinkled around.

Happy hiking - hope you have a wonderful trip!

On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 8:32 PM, Rod Belshee <rbelshee at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Crater Lake provides a spectacular view along the lake rim, in the middle
> of a rather boring section hiking through a dry pine forest. It might be a
> great spot to meet someone to zero, but is not so great of a place for more
> than a day hike along the rim. YMMV.
> Rod “Steady” Belshee
> hikepaddle.blogspot.com
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