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I’ve spent quite a bit of time logging data with a GPS and have been through this.

First, using Halfmile’s tool to upload the trail as custom POIs worked well for me on the Garmin 62.  That way you don’t clutter up your waypoints and tracks.

Second, if you just record one track per day and no more than 2 waypoints per mile on average, you’ll have enough capacity to cover the entire trail.  

Third, if you really care about the data you are logging, you’ll want to back it up periodically anyway.  I found that I went through towns with good computer access at least every 500 miles, and made sure I pulled the data off when I could and put it in DropBox.  Then I freed up memory just to be paranoid.  Check more often near the beginning of your trip.  I had a GPS glitch in Sierra City and lost all my tracks from Section L.

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I have a GPSMap64st, and like all GPS it has its limitation concerning
waypoints (5000), routes (200) and tracks (200). This is all fine for some
shorter hikes. With 1'000 plus miles it is getting a bit more difficult.

Any good hints how to organize the files in the internal and external memory
so they can be recalled or exchanged during the hike without the need of a

Advice is very much appreciated

Adrian alias Matterhorn

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