[pct-l] Solo female hiking advice...

Kaercher, Alexandra akaercher at liberty.edu
Fri May 6 14:53:09 CDT 2016

I don't have any great advice, as I am inexperienced, HOWEVER, God willing, I will literally be doing the exact same hike around that time. I was planning for early June into early-mid July. I've been advised to start in Ashland as opposed to just slightly south of the Northern cali border. I hear it's much easier to get there. Oh, I'm also a young female solo hiker, so not to fear, I think? I'm not worried, but I can be a bit careless in the eyes of others.
Oh, wait, just re-read your email. Actually seems like I'll be finishing right when you're starting. Never mind.
What I've been advised is to train as much as you can beforehand and practice using your gear. Also start walking far distances to get used to the feel, ideally with a pack on, ideally with the weight you intend to carry on the trail. Hope this is good advice!

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Hello -

I'm planning a solo trek across the Oregon PCT this summer mid-July. I'm a young female and I'm a little concerned about how I'll do a night.

Do any females with solo trip experience have any advice for me? Or any advice on what kind of protection to bring? This will be my first solo backpacking trek :)

Thanks! Erin

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