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Ken Powers ken at gottawalk.com
Sun May 15 17:40:10 CDT 2016

This sounds like what we used to do. Some history -
PCT 2000 small film camera, paper maps
CDT 2002 small film camera, paper maps, gps that only provided Lat/Long. Better, but error prone.
AT 2003 small film camera & early digital camera (a gift), paper maps, gps with early mapping. Marginally better. Digital photos were small. Gps maps were limited in zoom level.
ADT 2005 Digital cameras. Mapping gps. Both cameras & gps made big leaps forward.

recent trips (including PCT) we carry an iPhone. (OK, 2 iPhones so we don't have to negotiate who gets to carry one iPhone) This iPhone now has better mapping & better digital mapping in one device. Download Halfmiles app & PDF maps. Still carry paper maps as backup. Only downside is that you will need backup power devices to recharge your iPhone. We do not read books, listen to music, or other apps that use battery power and have no power problems between resupply points.

Ken Powers

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> On May 15, 2016, at 12:42 PM, Marion Davison <mardav at charter.net> wrote:
> I use a digital camera , Fujipix Finepix S 33880 that runs on 4 AA batteries.  It runs many days on one set and takes excellent pictures. It has many settings for the person who knows what they are doing.  I just use it as a "push here dummy" camera, on the automatic setting all the time, but I still managed to take a picture that got on the cover of the PCT magazine last year.  It's not a small camera, but it zooms, does video, and takes panoramas, and it's pretty rugged.
> So I say you can still buy a decent digital camera that runs on AA batteries.
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