[pct-l] Getting to Kennedy Meadows

John Papini jtpapini at icloud.com
Sun May 15 13:00:57 CDT 2016


I'm currently on my thru hike, and am fortunate enough to have a friend hiking with me for two weeks from Kennedy Meadows to VVR. He's flying in from Boston to LAX.

Can y'all offer some advice as to how he can get to KM? I heard it was easier to get there from Reno, so if he has to buy another flight to Reno from LAX, he could maybe do that. He can also rent a one-way car and drop it off somewhere close, and take public transport from there. Or of course if he can get from LA to KM using entirely public transport, that would be fine too. Heck, I think he'd be okay with ferry, prop plane, spaceship, etc etc. I'm just looking for route options, cost, and approximate times of travel. 


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