[pct-l] I'm not as good as I once was

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Mon May 30 06:04:29 CDT 2016

Say Switchback,

About a 15 minute walk from my house , at a University, is a 80 step 
stair well.

To keep my legs in hiking shape I used to hike to the stairs and with 
heavy "Waffle

Stumper" boots and a 45 lb pack do 25 loops up and down the stairs.

I was grumbling to Karen, the other day, how I was "sucking wind" after 
25 loops

when I did again the other day but without a pack & without the "Waffle 

boots when the McDavid song "I"m not as good as I once was" came on.

I looked at her and said "I"m not as good as I once was either"

She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said..."Reinhold, you may 
not be

as good as you once was, but in my book "you are still as good as there 
ever was".

That really made my day ...I really like it when she says things like that.

JMT Reinhold......Still as good as there ever was

BTW....Hey does anybody know to switch my key board back to single spacing?

For some reason suddenly it always double spaces

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