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JoAnn,Could you do me a favor?  I tried to post this on the PCT-L on Monday and nothing happened.  In fact, I haven’t gotten an email from PCT-L since June 10.  I don’t know if there’s something wrong with them, or something wrong with my computer.  If you could send this off to the PCT-L for me, that would be most helpful.  And, have you gotten anything since June 10 from them??Best,SusanHat Creek RimA friend and I are planning to hike from Old Station to Burney Falls State Park starting on June 22.  Has anyone gone that way yet this year?  Any issues with the trail?  Does anyone know how hard it is to go down on a side trail to Lost Creek to get water? Is there a  lot of poison oak?  Anything else we should know?  Thanks much.  (I’ve already hiked the entire trail north of Burney Falls — just trying to get through this part before it gets broiling hot — and then hope to do M with Jesse & Char from Vancouver, BC.)—Susan from Spokane_____________________________
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