[pct-l] Hardest Climb

Scott Diamond scott.diamond.mail at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 15:39:09 CST 2016

Given lack of e-mail on this list I thought I'd ask a totally unscientific
question  "What PCT climb is the hardest?"  Or hardest for you.

Forester pass, as the high point, would be the logical choice but, speaking
for myself, I guess I was so mentally prepared for that that it was really
no problem. For some reason I struggled more on Muir pass a few miles
north. Sonora pass was tough. Well the climb itself was fine but it seemed
to go on forever on the top before finally heading down. In Northern CA the
climbs out of Sierra City and Belden get honorable mentions. Any others
come to mind for you?

How about Southbounders? The hike up to Idylwild is something like 6,000
feet and 20 miles with no water (and probably hot). Was that the toughest
for SB?

These days the hardest climb I have is probably the stairs up to the donut


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