[pct-l] Ziggy and the Bear closed

Lucky Man luckymanhikes at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 20:44:30 CDT 2016

I'm on a hike on the AT now (and there's nothing like a hike or rather
rock-climbing crash course on the AT to make you appreciate those beautiful
switchbacks on the PCT) and heard from another hiker that Ziggy and the
Bear have closed. I don't believe I've seen this on the pct-l or elsewhere
but checked Z&B's website, which states that they have permanently closed.

Does anyone know details? After stopping there this spring on a PCT hike I
certainly can understand why. When I got there Z&B were kind and helpful
but all the hikers on the patio just sat there staring into their phones
all evening. None said a word when I said hello. Every once in a while Z or
B would step outside and try to start a - brace yourselves - conversation.
I'd reply but no one else could overcome the mesmerizing effect of his
phone screen. Then our hosts would give up and go back inside. It was sad.

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