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Your reply is exactly the kind of childish reply I would expect from

a turtle..."only talk about the PCT from a turtles point of view, the

way turtles hike, don't talk about the way rabbits hike, I don't like

the way rabbits hike."

Like I said, I am a turtle and a rabbit and hike on both sides of the

fence and understand how you feel.

What you don't seem to understand is that this list not a "turtles

only list"...there are also rabbits on the list and the PCT is not

a "for turtles only trail"...rabbits also hike the trail and the

list is to share information about hiking the trail whichever

way,...not just the turtles way.

JMT Reinhold...hiking the trail the rabbit & turtle way or whichever way.


Tim Crum wrote:

I agree HYOH (as juvenile a response as it is that is more common to the 
Facebook PCT pages). I think though that it could be expanded to 
HYOH-BKITY (But Keep It To Yourself).
If you want to test your skills, push your limits, or impress yourself 
with things like how fast you can hike in a day, complete a trail, or 
how little or much weight you can carry, have a day then, but the bottom 
line is it is your goal and it doesn't really need to be shared on a 
site like this that is meant for the sharing of trail information, gear 
information, posting and answering questions, etc.
There are plenty of sites and social media pages for the listing of 
records and personal accomplishments (and other forms of
chest thumping, back patting, bragging, and horn blowing).

On Sun, Sep 4, 2016 at 3:34 PM, Reinhold Metzger 
<reinholdmetzger at cox.net <mailto:reinholdmetzger at cox.net>> wrote:

    Yes Sebastian......HYOH!!!!!

    There are "Turtles" and there are "Rabbits".

    Turtles will always criticize the rabbits for going to fast and not
    sniffing the flowers along the way and the rabbits will always
    criticize the turtles for slowly lumbering down the trail getting
    to enjoy only one half the wilderness, in a particular time frame,
    compared to rabbits.

    Who is to say that turtles, lumbering down the trail enjoy their
    journey more than rabbits, skip hopping down the trail?

    I say....let everyone hike their own merry way and enjoy their
    journey their own special way.

    I first set foot on the JMT in the summer of 1968 and have since
    thru-hiked it many times with my friends, my wife, the Boy
    Scouts or on my own.

    However, the ones that I seem to remember the best, and I am
    the most fond off, are my JMT speed hikes.
    There is something to be said about challenging yourself by
    setting extremely high goals and then pushing your body to the
    limit to achieve those goals.
    Besides,...the aches and the pains will soon be forgotten,...but
    the memories,....aaahhh,....the MEMORIES,....they will last a

    I have been a rabbit and a turtle, enjoyed my journeys which
    ever way and came to realize there is no absolute correct way.
    Whether you hike like a turtle or a rabbit is usually a function
    of what you want out of your hike and your physical condition
    and whichever way makes you "happy" is the "correct" way
    for "YOU".

    JMT Reinhold
    Your happy trail companion skipping down the trail whichever way.

    Sebastian wrote....HYOH
    Tim wrote:
    Is anybody famous for just poking along the trail and enjoying it?
    Not worrying about how fast they can do the trip, how many
    miles they can do in one day, how little weight they can carry, etc.?
    It's a camping trip. Enjoy the walk!
    Reinhold wrote:

    Hi gang,
    Trouble is back in town.....the girls are dancing in the streets
    the guys are gnashing their teeth.

    Like some of you PCT fanatics probably already know, a 26 year
    old Belgian Dentist marathon runner by the name Karel Sabbe,
    who in the last 2 years has run close to 8,000 KM in 31 countries,
    set a new PCT speed record of 52 days, 8 hrs, 25 minutes.
    It should be noted that Karel did it as a marathon runner, with a
    support team, VS traditional backpacking where you carry all your
    gear and food, etc.

    Hats of to Karel, the new PCT sped record holder and his

    All records, sooner or later get broken.

    However, in my book, my buddy Scott Williamson still is, and
    probably always will be the undeniable, the unquestionable, and
    indisputable "King of the PCT" and his PCT accomplishments
    probably will never be equaled.

    "LONG LIVE THE KING" and may you have many offsprings to
    carry on his legacy.

    And also long live Switchback, the undeniable, the unquestionable,
    and indisputable"Rascal" of the PCT...aka Switchback the trail
    pirate, who's mischief of raiding and plundering innocent hikers
    also will never be equaled.

    I will not get into what I am famous for.

    You can ask...YOGI...she knows.

    JMT Reinhold

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