[pct-l] New PCT Speed Record

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Tue Sep 6 00:57:33 CDT 2016

41401cl wrote: Is anybody famous for just poking along the trail and enjoying it? Not worrying about how fast they can do the trip, how many miles they can do in one day, how little weight they can carry, etc.?  It's a camping trip. Enjoy the walk!
Switchback the Trail Pirate replies:  Yes, I plan on doing the PCT Most Supported record as soon as someone donates the money --- maybe about $50,000.  I will have lama and other hoof support the whole way.  I will carry my Zpack Arc Blast pack, but only with personal snacks, etc.  I figure about 5 pounds at the most.  On the trail each night I will have my hammock readied and food prepared by wranglers.  My trailtown stays will include the finest accommodations, pedicures, spas, and dinners with wine.  Should be a super vacation trip with minimal effort on my part.  I will laugh at the other backpackers on the trail struggling everyday against Mother Nature and eating backpacker foods.  I will welcome bad weather and the increased suffering of others on the trail.  I will enjoy the walk!

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