[pct-l] Getting into "Thru-hiker" shape

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Tue Sep 6 05:53:46 CDT 2016

[pct-l] Getting into "Thru-hiker" shape in time for the KO

Hi gang,
Trying to get into "Thru-hiker" shape for the KO, but running out of time?
Before I sign off, I would like to share with you my "top secret" formula
on how to get into record breaking hiking shape in time for the KO.
It worked for me on my JMT record attempts.

OK guys.....here is what you do:......
Sit down on your favorite living room couch until you feel a strong,
distinct calorie urge.
Then, at a brisk pace, walk to the  "Frig", open the door, down one of
your favorite beers, close the "Frig" door, turn around, and then, again
at a brisk pace, walk back to the couch, sit down, and wait for the next
calorie urge.
Repeat the above, as often as necessary, until you are in  "Thru-hiker"

To get the maximum result from the above exercise it is suggested that
you do the above exercise with your pack, hiking boots and trekking poles
to simulate hiking conditions to the fullest.

WORD OF CAUTION:...To prevent damage to the floors or sustaining bodily
harm from your weaker opposite sex,..."DO NOT",...I repeat,..."DO NOT"
wear cramp-ons while conducting the above exercise.
Good luck on your journey and remember you learned this from JMT Reinhold.

JMT Reinhold
The  "Couch to Frig Yo-Yo"  record holder

Just kidding....in my opinion, the best way to get into hiking shape is
just go out and hike, starting with easy hikes and work up gradually to
hikes that will be similar to what you will experience on the PCT...the
more, the better.
Other exercises like jogging, biking, going up and down stairs etc.,to
strengthen your legs will help, but nothing will exercise your hiking
muscles like hiking.
Also try to find a pair of hiking shoes that work best for you...many
hikers develop foot problems along the way.
Also try to work in some long hikes and work on the mental issue.
Many hikers, after a few weeks on the trail, bail out because they
are not mentally prepared to hike for several weeks or month and just
burn out mentally.
Good luck on your hike.

JMT Reinhold

Sandy wrote:
Hey all you pct hikers, my name is sanman and I'm preparing to thru
hike the pct in may......can anyone give me any suggestions on the
best way to train and prepare....................?

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