[pct-l] New PCT Speed Record

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Wed Sep 21 20:56:43 CDT 2016

Mataguay Connector wrote:  I am working at setting a record for taking the longest time to complete the trail as a set of sections and segments. The first segment I did was from the ranch just up from Florence Lake to Evolution Lake in 1952. I still have a little less than 15 miles to go. 

Switchback replies:  Congratulations!  I am planning the Most Supported PCT record.  Wranglers will cook all my meals and set up my hammock camp each night.  I will say around other hikers things like:
"Gee, I can't eat another piece of hot pizza.  Now we will have to carry it out as garbage."
"Wow, I am so warm in this hammock with these Enlightened Equipment sleeping quilts.  It sure is cold out there for those pilgrim backpackers over there in their ground tents."
"I think I will have fresh Black Diamond hot buttered popcorn tonight for a snack."
"Wow, it looks like a big rain front is moving in for the next several days.  I guess I will ride until the weather passes.  And then continue this vacation walk."
"Seems like this walk is too easy.  I think I will yo-yo the trail."

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