[pct-l] "MY WAY".....The only way to thru the PCT.

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Sun Sep 25 01:48:26 CDT 2016

JMT Snow Bunny Reinhold writes:  You are an absolute "AMATEUR" when it comes to a "Most Supported" PCT-thru."MY WAY"...."THE JMT REINHOLD WAY" aka "THE CLEOPATRA WAY" is the only wayto thru the PCT the most supported way in style and comfort.."ON A FLOAT",carried by four big, big sturdy float carriers like Deems, Monte Dodge, Ned and Brick, a sturdy hiker babe like Yogi to prepare my gourmet mealsand wipe the sweat of my brows, two fan girls, one on each side of the float, preferable good looking hiker babes like L-Rod & Donna, fanning me with palm fans to keep me cool and keep the flies and mosquitoes away and trumped blowers leading the way to alert the "hiker trash" to step aside and bow as my float goes by.Of course I will be consuming vast quantities of gourmet food, drinkingthe best of wine and munching grapes as my float keeps moving on down thetrail.If Switchback bows as my float goes by, I may toss him some grapes.BTW Switchback, do you like red grapes or white grapes?I am so exited about this I can barely wait for the KO.I just love "ROUGHING" it in the wilderness.
Switchback the Trail Pirate replies: Yes, a float is the ultimate and I bow to my betters.  I am now waiting for my new Enlightened Equipment quilt to arrive (in digital camo color) for my hammock camping expeditions.  About 40 minutes from my house at 7,000 feet there is a year around campground with lots of sites.  I plan to go up there regularly, even in winter to do some hanging.  I still hope to get to Lyell Canyon up in Yosemite this season for some hammock camping.  You only have to walk 4 miles in from Tuolumne Meadows to start hanging.   

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