[pct-l] ADZPCTKO

sdscpcts sdscpcts at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 19:48:26 CDT 2017

Hi all,
     I asked a friend who is active in the ADZPCTKO committee if there is anything happening this year. Here is what he said:

      Wolverines will be there to do pack shakedowns. We will probably have a water report. Just tell them, all the info will be up on the website and Facebook by the first of the week. (I still haven't located this information).
There will be a  kick off, but it will be very low key. No vendors, no talks. Just us welcoming the hikers as they come in. It is the weekend of April 22nd. 

     He told me that the committee had reserved all the campsites for the weekend of 21-23 April, but they would eventually release the ones that they weren't going to be using. It appears that they have done that now and that there are still about 25 site that currently are shown as available on the Lake Morena County Park website. So if you want to be out there that weekend, you can go to the park's website and register for a site. 
     The reason that no vendors will be displaying their products is that with only 50 through hikers coming through each day it wasn't worth their efforts. 
     Also the county parks changed their operations to greatly restrict the number of people who can stay in each campsite and they made it very difficult for the committee to reserve the campground a year in advance. So the committee decided to down scale their operations to just greet the through hikers as they come through. 

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