[pct-l] Epic snowyear: K10 Crampons --> boots mandatory ?

Stefan Popa stefan.popa at gmx.net
Fri Apr 14 04:47:12 CDT 2017

I have two options for the sierras:

1) full leather boots (http://www.hanwag.de/waxenstein-bio)

     pro: completely worn in, comfortable to hike in and adjustable in 
ankle support, durable, can kick steps.

     con: rel. heavy (1,6 Kg), dry slow when wet, get heavier when wet, 
get wet when river crossing with them and in wet snow

2) Trailrunners

     pro: light, fast dry. Can cross rivers with them, no need for water 

     con: no ankle support, dangerous on steep icy slopes.

I don't know which one i will wear, so i ship both to KM.

I have 700 miles then to meditate about that matter

Am 14.04.2017 um 09:24 schrieb ned at mountaineducation.org:
> No, you do not need boots with the K-10s, but when on crusty or icy surfaces
> on snow, you may be glad you did.
> Fuller Ridge may cause another PCT thru hiker SAR call-out if you don't have
> a way to self-arrest.
> Ned Tibbits, Director
> Mountain Education, Inc.
> ned at mountaineducation.org
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> Hi Folks,
> because of the epic snow year we are facing i bought a pair of Kahtoola
> K10 crampons
> instead of the microspikes.
> Next question is: do i need boots for the crampons or can i use them with
> trailrunners ?
> Does anyone use them successful with trailrunners?
> Would you bring crampons / iceaxe to Mt. San Jacinto this year (mid may) ?
> Happy Hiking and god bless you all
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