[pct-l] Two things

Tim Umstead tumstead96 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 00:38:15 CDT 2017

I have two things I wanted to put out to the list.  The first is PCT
related and the second is not.

First:  Many months ago Mama Raven created a slide show of our 2015 PCT
hike.  Just recently I posted it on Vimeo.  The slide show is split into 3
parts: California, Oregon and Washington, and Friends We Meet Along the
Way.  Beware they are a little long, but have fun watching them.

1-3 The Ravens-PCT-2015-Ca <https://vimeo.com/171882175>

2-3 The Ravens-PCT-2015-Or Wa <https://vimeo.com/206013184>

3-3 The Ravens-PCT-2015-Friends <https://vimeo.com/187617264>
Second:  I will not be watching the PCT-L for the next 6 months because the
whole Raven Mob, Papa Raven, Mama Raven, Bling and Little Crow will be
hiking the CDT.  We are not far away.  It is only one trail over.  We will
drive out of here on Mon the 17th and start hiking on Fri the 21st.  If you
would like to follow us our blog is at The Ravens

I wish luck to all the PCT hikers this years.  You will have many daunting
adventures ahead of you this year.  Stick to it and you will make it.

The Ravens
PCT 96', 15'

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