[pct-l] Exiting at Splinter's Cabin (Mile 301)

Carol Brown brownwetdog at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 17:12:18 CDT 2017

I'm section hiking and picking up a bit I've missed - all of Section B and
part of Section C.  Years ago, Shutterbug (who used to frequent this list)
dropped my mom (Marge the Old Gal) and me off at Splinter's Cabin and we
headed north.

Now I'm looking to hike north to Splinter's Cabin and then get off the
PCT.  In looking at the maps, exiting at Splinter's Cabin it looks like I
could start walking out Road 3N34C to Road 2N26Y and then onto Hook Creek
Road, eventually reaching Lake Arrowhead.   It looks like maybe 5 miles?
And I would hope for a ride. Once I reached Lake Arrowhead, I'd catch the
transit to Ontario International Airport and fly home.

Am I missing anything?  Are there any trail angels in that area I should be
contacting?   Thanks in advance.     Carol

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