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Tim Umstead tumstead96 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 23:33:11 CDT 2017

What are the batteries sizes (mAh) of your four devices and how many times
do you think you will need to charge them?  Total that up and that should
give you an idea of the size of battery you will need.  Also, remember that
you will not be fully charging your device so it will not use is full mAh.

When we did the PCT in '15 I took a 6000 mAh to keep a smart phone, a
camera, a tablet, and 4 mp3 players charged. Not once did I drain the

Right now we are hiking the CDT and I have 16000 mAh of batteries. The
electronics are carrying are: two smart phones, two cameras, a tablet, and
4 mp3 players. The reason for the extra battery capacity is the CDT
requires much more guidance with a GPS or a smart phone. I would prefer not
to get out my compass. The PCT is so well marked we really do not have to
babysit half-miles app, but people do.

Somewhere in southern New Mexico
The Ravens
PCT '96 '15
CDT '17

On Apr 25, 2017 5:53 PM, <ned at mountaineducation.org> wrote:

> It is time for Mountain Education to think a bit more seriously about
> backcountry electronics, like solar chargers and batteries. There are
> obvious pros and cons with electricity in the cold and wet, but when its
> working, it's a good thing!
> So, I've heard a lot about the SunTactics 8 solar panel. Good one?
> I'll be running 4 different devices that charge off a USB, so what size
> battery should I carry for 7 days in the sierra?
> Ned Tibbits, Director
> Mountain Education, Inc.
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