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Don’t camp in the bowl just at the base of the south face as it is a
lightening magnet. I know three of us who did so over the years on
different occasions and all of us thought our lives would be over before
the end of the night. You’re above timberline and it’s dangerous to stay
over night up there in those bowls. As for the day time, usually there are
foot prints in the snow across the chute and it is much less difficult than
Mather Pass in a normal year. If the monsoonal patterns have begun, usually
in July, then the afternoons are lightening prone so try and do it in the
morning. But if you’re doing it in June as so many thrus are, then you have
a good shot at it all day. But be cognizant of the weather for all the High
Sierra passes.


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> Hey friends!
> Let’s talk about Forester Pass. Tell me stories that’ll make my fears go
> away -
> I’ll start you off -
> “Ah, it’s all tricks of the camera”
> “Not as bad as it looks”
> “You can pay a local to knock you out and carry you across it on a donkey”
> ~GoGo the section hiker, creeping north
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