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 Well, Sabrina, it's a class 1 pass. If I were doing it early season I'd have an ice axe and good pair of boots and wouldn't be too worried about it. Use the axe properly as self belay and kick good steps and/or improve the steps that are already there. That's the opinion of a grumpy old goat, so keep that in mind.

It's OK, really. It's not like bodies are piling up at the base of Forester.

And if you're section hiking it's no problem at all because you'll be doing it in September, the best time of year to be in the Sierra Nevada.




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Hey friends!Let’s talk about Forester Pass. Tell me stories that’ll make my fears go away -I’ll start you off -“Ah, it’s all tricks of the camera”“Not as bad as it looks”“You can pay a local to knock you out and carry you across it on a donkey” ~GoGo the section hiker, creeping north  Sent from my iPhone

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