[pct-l] Altra Lone Peaks - a review

Richard Brinkman richardb10 at live.com
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I went from Hokas to the Altra Lone Peaks in Tehachapi. My toes loved the
Alras but the heels and Achilles did not.  The toes loved them enough to get
me to Sonora Pass, however, and the remainder of the feet/ankles were able
to hang in there with them in a challenging section of the trail.
Everyone's feet are different, but I believe that most everything works out
for you on trail if you just keep walking.  


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Hello, List, 

Here's a gear thread to get things going. Apparently Altra's zero-drop Lone
Peaks became popular two or three years ago, based on the reduced thickness
of the sole at the heel. I was dubious and referred to them as the latest
fad shoe, but my mentor and idol Shroomer castigated me, giving them an
enthusiastic endorsement. IIRC, he felt like they helped his feet and legs -
less soreness and not so tired. So I bought a pair and have worn them on
various section hikes, including 5 days on the AT in central VA and 5 days
on the CDT in CO. 

Frankly, I can't tell much difference between the Lone Peaks and Brooks
Cascadias. I also wear Montrail Mountain Masocists a lot, since I like a
stiff sole. 

So, my review is that they're okay but not a panacea. 

Pro - nice large toe box (their greatest asset, to me). 

Con - Altra added a strip of velcro to hold gaitors, but then they covered
most of the velcro surface with smooth plastic which tells you it's for
gaitors. Duh. The reduced area of velcro was insufficient to hold my

Like all things involving hiking shoes, YMMV. 

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