[pct-l] Letter writing time again

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Sun Dec 24 18:41:36 CST 2017

If anyone has read the PCT trail side reader recently,you know that it's letter writing time again. There is a concerted effort to get mountain bikes into wilderness areas. With this current congress those inroads could happen. Having hiked on a number of so called multi-use trails I would hate to see it happen to the PCT. A few summers ago on the Tahoe Rim trail,the Colorado trail and the CDT the San Juan's I ran into hundreds of mtn bikers ---exactly 3 followed the yield protocol. On the Backbone Trail one bike woman ran into me rather than dismount.  She expected me to jump out of her way into the brush as soon as she yelled bike. Coming around every corner on that trail is a risk. I have no idea how horse back riders deal with it 
If you know your representative it might be a good time to contact her or him

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