[pct-l] Getting cold feet

Dawn Webster daichovodawn at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 20:27:33 CST 2017

I hiked the AT last summer and I liked long distance hiking!  I don't do a
typical 9-5 job so it is possible for me to hike again this summer.  I have
my heart set on the PCT- one because I think it will get me more experience
with some slightly scary things like bears and snakes which there weren't
TOO many of on the AT.  Also because it fits my strengths better- I get
super worn out on steep uphills, but can go forever on moderate
grade/downhills, also I am very good in dry situations, desert situations
(even with heat, was hiking in AZ this summer in 100F+ midday heat just
fine), and at altitude (never a problem there, have hiked to almost 18,000

I am just thinking though about these currently high snow levels- spending
a couple months trudging through snow isn't really what I had in mind.  I
am out of the US until about a week before I'd start hiking (2nd week of
May sometime) so no opportunity to learn any snow techniques (I work on a
boat currently).  When would be a good estimate of when we'd have a better
idea what the summer will hold for snow in the Sierras?  If it's going to
stick around long, or make every stream crossing super crazy, I might try
to do something a little less snowy.  If anyone has suggestions on that it
would be nice.  I'd imagine CDT would be similar conditions (at least in
San Juans) and probably I am not ready for that trail yet.  Can be in any
country, not just the US.

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