[pct-l] Getting cold feet

Jeffrey Olson jjolson58 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 00:17:40 CST 2017

I would think that starting May 15 to 20 would put you at the beginning 
of the Sierra about the 1st of July or so, likely a good plan this 
year.  On April 1, someone will list the ideal date to enter the Sierra 
based on snow averages.  A normal snow year has this date be June 15.  
The first of July might good this year, or likely, even later.

It's really hard to say when it is a good time to enter the Sierra 
before April 1.

The same goes for other trails - CDT, Great Divide Trail, Pacific 
Northwest Trail, Bigfoot Trail, Arizona Trail, Oregon Desert Trail.  
There are enough long trails mapped you could actually hike a couple 
three of them over three or four months...

Laramie, WY

On 2/7/2017 6:27 PM, Dawn Webster wrote:
> I hiked the AT last summer and I liked long distance hiking!  I don't do a
> typical 9-5 job so it is possible for me to hike again this summer.  I have
> my heart set on the PCT- one because I think it will get me more experience
> with some slightly scary things like bears and snakes which there weren't
> TOO many of on the AT.  Also because it fits my strengths better- I get
> super worn out on steep uphills, but can go forever on moderate
> grade/downhills, also I am very good in dry situations, desert situations
> (even with heat, was hiking in AZ this summer in 100F+ midday heat just
> fine), and at altitude (never a problem there, have hiked to almost 18,000
> ft).
> I am just thinking though about these currently high snow levels- spending
> a couple months trudging through snow isn't really what I had in mind.  I
> am out of the US until about a week before I'd start hiking (2nd week of
> May sometime) so no opportunity to learn any snow techniques (I work on a
> boat currently).  When would be a good estimate of when we'd have a better
> idea what the summer will hold for snow in the Sierras?  If it's going to
> stick around long, or make every stream crossing super crazy, I might try
> to do something a little less snowy.  If anyone has suggestions on that it
> would be nice.  I'd imagine CDT would be similar conditions (at least in
> San Juans) and probably I am not ready for that trail yet.  Can be in any
> country, not just the US.
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