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Sat Feb 11 05:31:28 CST 2017

Hey Marmot,

That's a big part of why I lead storm hikes all winter in the heaviest
weather we get in the Bay Area.  Not nearly as bad as it gets elsewhere,
but damned great training nonetheless.  It's nice to know what it feels
like to hike wet footed in freezing temps and snow, or what it feels like
to fight 80 mph winds and rain and much more.  It's much scarier to
experience this at altitude, days from a town when really on trail.  And
the training is great fun!


On Feb 10, 2017 3:52 PM, "marmot marmot" <marmotwestvanc at hotmail.com> wrote:

There are simple things you can do,also. These ideas may seem obvious, BUT
*have you even put up your tent in the pouring rain?
*Have you ever had to put on soaking wet clothing in the morning and walk
yourself dry?
*Do you know how to keep your feet warm?--not necessarily dry just warm
*do you know what a storm looks like coming in from the west?
* Do you understand how to make a choice to stay low if the weather is
These questions seem simplistic. But many of the hikers out there have
never had a backpack on. Go out in the pouring rain for a few hour walk
--set up your tent in your back yard or a park. Don't expect your "spot"to
mean you will be rescued
I can't tell you how many people I have run into on trails that are
learning how to use their stoves,tents,tarps in the first week out there.
It's still going to be a great year!!!!

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