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There are lots of options for healthy trail food. I'm a fan of freeze-dried meat, veggies, fruits, and cheeses. You can mix up packs of meat & veggies with a carb (instant potatoes, cous-cous, hummus, etc). that you buy in town. These reconstitute fine in cold water, but it takes several hours (I don't cook on summer hikes, only in winter). If you carry a stove, you can use instant rice, noodles, etc., which require hot water to reconstitute. Season with a little instant soup mix, bouillon powder (NOT TOO MUCH; it's very salty), red pepper flakes, or whatever seasoning you like. 

Here's a link to a supply house for f-d stuff. It seems pricey, but a little goes a long way, and it's surprisingly flavorful. Also lighter than dehydrated stuff. 


I haven't seen her posts here in a while, but a hiker named Dicentra had a book and website with hiker recipes, tips, etc. 

Good luck. 

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Whoops fat fingers sent this unfinished 
Remember that the PO will hold things for at least a month. I would buy food at a health food store or good large market and send ahead for a month 
Good high calorie/quality suggestions 
Macadamia Nuts 
Small red split lentils cook up quickly if you soak them ahead of time.When you get water fill up a snap top plastic container or tight screw top lid with soaking liquid and lentils. Even if you are eating cheap ramen(yuck) you can add dried veggies,nuts and lentils to the mix to improve the nutritional value 
Trader Joes has all this stuff. 
Buy dried fruit that does not have added sugar(depletes B vitamins/stresses the adrenals ---increases ,over time ,the possibilities of repetitive injury) 
Cool it on candy bars. If some thing is not food off the trail, it does not become food on the trail. Especially when you are doing one of the most physically demanding sports that humans attempt. When you hit town ,eat salads fresh fruit first. You will eventually be so hungry that you'll just inhale "Little Debbie's" if you aren't careful to eat good food first 
To all of you who haven't been reading this list in past years---in the beginning ,unless you are already a long distance athlete, you will not be hungry. You are burning town fat. Even that fat that you are unaware of around your organs. Don't weigh yourself down with too much food. 
If you run out ,so what. You can buy food at Lake Morena(20m) MtLaguna(43m?) 
Scissors Crossing(3 1/2 mile hitch to the right 3-4 days north of border)RV park. To the left about 10-12 mile hitch to Julian--has everything. 
Warner Springs(send box to PO in WS. there's a market that you can hitch ride to pretty easily--can't remember name of town) 
Then it's only a few days(3/4) to Idyllwild(health food store and good market in same shopping center) 
There ,you've just hiked 180 miles of the trail and should have a better idea of how much food you really need. If you have been arriving in town a little hungry --add some. I'm guessing if you are like most hikers you will be leaving food in the hiker boxes. 

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> If you send some good stuff to yourself that helps. I know that it's more convenient to shop as you go but I've found it impacts my endurance. 
> If you are flying in from Europe or other spots rem 
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>> These are all good points folks have made thus far. Don't can your trip plans just because there is a lot of discussion regarding snow and snow melt filled creaks. I'll add to Ned's comments regarding the Sierra. Most of my hiking there, at least my longer extended stuff has been in early season. Less people, more wild, plenty of snow and water everywhere. Later in the season you get hoards of folks coming down the JMT, and places that present your resupply areas like Vermillion resort will get pretty busy. 
>> If I had a couple question they would regard training possibles, where you live, and how you are preparing for you season of hiking. 
>> And since someone mentioned food... Eat real wholesome foods. A little instant stuff is fine so long as it is supported with plenty of good energy filled foods. Food is heavy, but it is generally agreed that the extra weight is worth the payoff in real hiking and staying power for hiking day in and day out. 
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