[pct-l] Thruhiking 2017 - healthy food

Stephen Adams reddirt23 at att.net
Sun Feb 12 16:10:27 CST 2017

Good points Mango.
I carry a fair amount of stuff in bulk and make things as I go.  Thus I carry a pretty nice spice bag that has assorted things for making soups, chilli, pastas, potatoes etc.  I don't hear corn pasta mentioned anymore.  I switched to Quinoa with corn in it a while back and it makes some bomb soup.  So yeah I got soup base (half cube per potfull)  garlic, red pepper, chilli powder, sometimes a little basil for pastas.  A basic 8 day trip dinner wise would have two of chili pot burritos, dried tomato pasta, coos coos with tuna (or potatoes and tuna or salmon etc).  
A lot less repacking and trash also.  

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