[pct-l] Little skills to learn

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Wed Feb 15 12:59:18 CST 2017

As well as learning how to set up your tent there are small things to learn that will really help
Have someone show you how to thread a needle and sew a simple seam. You don't need an extra pair of pants if you can sew up that seam or tear. I've done it for lots of hikers but don't count on there being a 
4-Her out there to help. 
If your eye sight is iffy use a needle threader. It's that little flat metal device with a piece of wire attached to it in those small plastic commercial sewing kits. 
My thin Patagonia shorts went over 10,000 miles before I retired them. The rear end of those is a mass of darns and patches. Yeah yeah!! I get it Overkill but I wanted the same hiking shorts to do the TC

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