[pct-l] Bear Can & Powerhouse Fire

Teresa D teresadattolo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 15:56:16 CST 2017

1. Expect to carry a bear can from Kennedy meadows (mile 702) to Sonora
pass (mile 1017). Alternatively, you can pick up your can at mile
744/750 if you detour into lone pine via mulkey pass/cottonwood pass. Most
people don't do this as it is only a few days past Kennedy meadows.

You now also need a can through the section in lassen park north of Chester
(mile 1344 to 1363), if you camp overnight in this stretch. If you hike
through the section in one day without camping in it you technically don't
need a can.

If you don't mind it, it's not a bad idea to keep your bear canister for
longer than legally required. They do make food security and storage pretty
darn easy.

2. The historic Rock inn is only 7.5mi into the detour route. You don't
need to stay there to do the detour. You can stay at Casa de Luna (the
andersons) around mile 478, as long as they are welcoming hikers, or
anywhere on the Pct before the closure (though camping isn't exactly
great/ample in this area). Your first camping option after starting the
closure detour route is ~12miles into the detour, at the upper shake
campground. You rejoin the PCT shortly after this, and are back to your
normal camping options/conditions. Most people can walk the ~13 mile detour
just fine in one day without needing to stop for a night. If you don't
 think you can do that, please arrange for a room ahead of time at the
historic rock inn. There is no appropriate place to camp along the
road-walk route.

Best of luck Leo!


On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, Leo Lin <mip8llin at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I am a newbie to PCT and have questions:
> 1. Does anyone know exactly from which mile to which mile required a bear
> can?
> 2. PCT is closed due to powerhouse fire from mile 478.2-492.  Does anyone
> have suggestions where to stay overnight along the detour route?  Halfmile
> has provided the Historic Rock Inn, which only has 3 motel rooms, I may not
> luck enough to get it.
> Thanks very much in advance for your help and advise.
> Cherry
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