[pct-l] Head lamps

Rick Parker rickrparker at icloud.com
Fri Feb 24 20:06:05 CST 2017

I have last years model equivalent of this years REACTIK.  I have the extra battery just for the safety aspect and thinking of the desert.

I have a RAV 3 port 37 watt smart charger to charge my iPhone, Battery, Headlamp simultaneously at A/C stops for the maximum charge and speed that each device will accept.  For the strong limber back - flat bellies hiker:

   https://www.ravpower.com/RAVPower-QC-3.0-40W-4-Port-Charging-Station-Black.html <https://www.ravpower.com/RAVPower-QC-3.0-40W-4-Port-Charging-Station-Black.html>

Will obviously charge one more device i.e. extra battery for headlamp, camera etc. 


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