[pct-l] Sherpas

timpnye timpnye at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 20:06:57 CST 2017

Back in 2002 I was Southbounding from Carson Pass to Tuolumne Meadows. I started the 4th of July and didn't see many Northbound erst, perhaps an equal number of Cowboys were out riding and fixing fence. North of Sonora Pass; they were a surly lot without a lot of patience for 'tree huggers', which I obviously was or I wouldn't be out there in the first place. They practiced a squint eyed look from the corners of their eyes.
Later in the same day after I had passed the three repairing 'bob' wire, I met two young guys heading North with tremendous loads. I myself was carrying a ridiculous amount, but nothing compared to the loads these young bucks had. I looked in vain to see the head strap tethering them to the top of their ungainly packs.
After a brief discussion, they broke out in complaints about their professor. He would pick out a couple of students each summer to accompany him while he hiked a few sections in exchange for college credit. These two had been fortunate enough to be selected in 2002. The students referred to themselves as 'sherpas' an noted the professor was a couple of hours behind them so they didn't dare dawdle.
Sure enough, I found the professor some time later. He was wandering up the trail carrying nothing but a smile on his face. It seems he had found a way to a slack pack the trail, likely in its entirety.

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