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I have section hiked most of those miles over the last few years. Yes, I agree, this is a great section to hike. As noted by Scott, this would appear to be a normal to high snow year so passes and water crossings will require attention.

A possible downside is that north of Beldon/Sierra City could have some really warm days for you by the time you get there. It might we worth considering soutbounding Oregon border to KM. You will still have some snow in the northern section but much less to deal with heading south through the Sierra. Plus hiking south bound the scenery just keeps getting better and better, with a crescendo at Whitney. Note, that you will be heading into the herd--which means you will probably see a lot of thrus but not really spending time with them except in trail towns. If you want the community side of the trail, then KM to Oregon border is a better direction.


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Hi everyone! New to this list, not quite sure how it works, but figure I’d give it a shot. 

Hoping to get some advice on a section hike, thinking around 1000 miles and starting in late June/early July. For now, I am starting at Kennedy Meadows and heading to the Oregon Border. However, I was wondering if any of you know a better place to start around late June/early July, or does that sound like a pleasurable hike? I’ve heard mosquitos are pretty crazy around that time, any advice on avoiding them? 

Thanks in advance,

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