[pct-l] Snow-free routes

Karen Keller karen.kellerford at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 13:41:45 CST 2017

I am looking for ideas and advise, especially from those of you more familiar with Northern California, Oregon and Washington. As happy as I am that The Sierra is finally getting this much needed respite from the persistent drought, it creates some challenges for this particular hiker. Snow, and the avoidance thereof, is the primary reason I am a section hiker. I can hike for a couple of months continuously, I can pick the time to start. I'd like to cover 500-800 miles without jumping around too much. So far, I’ve hiked everything south of Kearsarge Pass. Initially, I hoped to start there in mid July and hike north as far as Castella or Dunsmuir at least, if not further, by about mid October. If I hiked the same section southbound instead, during the same time frame, I'd not only start a very long, dry section (Hat Creek etc) in the worst heat of summer, I'd end up in the Southern Sierra in mid October, which is a bit late for that altitude. I am a very slow hiker (the other reason I'm not a Thru). Any suggestions? If I waited until Mid August to start would it make much difference? (PS. Ned is amazing. I love him! I drove to Tahoe and took a snow course from him in 2011, after I had a harrowing experience with snow on Fuller Ridge.  I highly recommend it. I learned so much! However, my particular limitations are not going away. I have already given away my ice Ax and crampons.) 

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