[pct-l] Water

Barry Teschlog tokencivilian at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 09:52:48 CST 2017

Well, one upside of the (finally) normal to wet Cali weather is that water in the first 700 miles should be less scarce than these last several years.
In looking at the stream flows from the USGS Water Watch page, Campo Creek about 3 1/2 miles west / below the PCT has had its first substantial flow in several years (other than what was obviously a brief thunderstorm in the summer of 2014).
Sweetwater Creek, well to the west of the PCT, but with its headwaters up near the PCT north of Mt. Laguna is also having plenty of flow for the first time in years.
It'll take a lot more sustained precipitation to actually break the drought and recharge the ground water that feeds the creeks and springs well into summer, but so far, it's been a good down payment.

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