[pct-l] hanging food

Stephen Adams reddirt23 at att.net
Fri Jan 27 11:34:08 CST 2017

Most simple hangs will keep the little critters at bay.  Not so bears.  And in many places, especially in the high country, there simply can be no good place to make a decent anti-bear hang.  They are really smart, good climbers, tall when they stand up, and really strong.  Most lodgepole forest wont offer many good branches high enough or strong enough to dissuade a determined bear from getting the food stash. 
A good counter balance is like 16ft off the ground and way out on a branch far from the trunk of the tree.  On another note...  I've seen parachute cord and small twine dangling from branches more than I've seen poor or simply stupid food hangs.  So, you not only have to hang the food so hopefully the bears are not going to risk injury to get it, and you have to be able to recover it yourself.  

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