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If you are camped along Bubbs Creek,you are on the bear route. At night they head towards the hapless hiker who has not secured their food. I've spent the night throwing rocks at them to keep them out of my camp. Better to not camp there if possible. 
Bear canisters save lives. Yours and the Bears 
I hate the weight too. So what!!! It's your responsibility to secure your food. There are virtually no trees on the trail that make it easy to hang food. It takes time and skill to learn how to properly hang food on trees that don't have "friendly accommodating" limbs. Most food bag hangs I've seem wouldn't stop the most infirm geriatric bear. On some trails--example the GDT,in the provincial parks ---there are bear poles. But you will not find those on the PCT. Some campsites have bear boxes but you can't count on those being the spots where you land at the end of the day. 
Part of learning how to be a long distance hiker is learning how to not do harm out there

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> On Jan 29, 2017, at 9:17 AM, Stephen Adams <reddirt23 at att.net> wrote:
> I have seen bear twice just below Vidette, actually had a biggun following me along the Bubbs Creek trail.  Never leave your pack unattended.  Take it with you when you are filtering water, looking around etc...  
> Though I have not seen a bear at Vidette lower or upper, I do know of an attack at upper.  USed to know one of the backcountry rangers there out of Charlotte.  Big Dave.  He told me about a Sierra Club group staying there.  They had filled the old metal box and had too much so posted a guard.  Guard fell asleep and got hurt pretty bad. 
> They had some pretty aggressive bears in that area and up towards Dusy Branch area over the years.  
> They tend to patrol all of Vidette, Kearsarge Onion Valley, Bishop Pass etc... pretty regular.  
> You'll probably at least see scat.   
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