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The problem with roll-off is intrinsic with chain designs and isn't solved
by a metatarsil strap or weaving the rubber band into your shoe lacing. 

What happens on steep traverses, where this problem occurs is
- the teeth of the design grab while the soft shoe flattens to the incline
- the rubber band slides sideways to where the rubber hits the snow and the
teeth are no longer involved enough in holding you to the slope
- you don't have sharp edges on your soles to "edge" into the hill

...so you're suddenly made aware that you're gong to go down unless you kick
footing platforms for each step. A good thing to do, of course!

Chain designs were never meant for steep traverses. 

Mountain Education has a lot of written material on this very subject on
both its Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mountaineducation/ and under
the "Resources" tab on its school website

For your over-snow safety this summer, please consider hiking crampons,
instead. http://kahtoola.com/products/hiking-crampons/ 

However, if you will not be walking out of the boot track in the snow, chain
designs will work just fine!

Ned Tibbits, Director
Mountain Education, Inc.
ned at mountaineducation.org 

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Most people I have talked to have used Microspikes.  I was wondering if
anyone has any experience with Trail Crampon Ultra?  The two are very
similar in design and price.  The major design difference being that the
Trail Crampon Ultra has an extra Velcro strap across the top f the foot.

For size 11.5 trail runners the Microspikes weigh 13.1 oz and Trail Crampon
Ultra weight 14.9 oz so Microspikes are almost 2 oz lighter.

As for the spikes Microspikes have twelve 3/8" spikes were as the Trail
Crampon Ultra have eighteen raging from 2/5" to 1/2".   The longer ones at
the back.

All and all the two systems are very similar.  What I want to know is:

How well do they work while backpacking?

Which is more durable?

Does one clog more then that other?

The Ravens
PCT '96, '15
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