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Well said, Charlie!


Here is the problem with that idea from a design and practical function point of view:


It’s the way chains or hiking crampons mount on trail runners. When you put either on edge, what does the bitting into the snow slope when the teeth are so far from the edge of the shoe?


The edge of the shoe and not so much the teeth! There are two reasons why trail runners do not reliably hold to the slope even with chains or hiking crampons on, soft edges and distant teeth. Chain rolling or drifting just further exacerbates this problem by allowing the teeth to move further away from the edge of the shoe (that can’t hold an edge anyway).


Hey, all of you designer-engineers out there, make a laterally adjustable hiking crampon so the user can slide the teeth out to the side of their chosen footwear!


Hell, Mountain Education should make one (along with the pack and tent designs it’s already working on!)…



Ned Tibbits, Director

Mountain Education, Inc.

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There is no question that boots are better for gripping in soft or hard-packed snow than trail runners, but in these days of fast-packing where the aim has become to cover 20 miles a day with not much more than a super day-pack for supplies, carrying a spare set of heavy boots for the 'just in case' situation just isn't on.

What's required is some kind of add-on to trail runners than will provide all the side traction that Ned wisely advises without losing the benefit of soft shoes and not having to lug those grandad boots for the what if situation.


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