[pct-l] section I over Labor Day

David Hough reading PCT-L pctl at oakapple.net
Mon Sep 25 21:21:29 CDT 2017

I'll celebrate the resuscitation of pct-l by reporting on a hike from
Tuolumne Meadows to the Leavitt Lake road over Labor Day.

There were lots of wet creek crossings but no dangerous ones.
It was easy to see how Return Creek and Rancheria Creek were major
issues earlier in the year.
There was one bridge standing over the Tuolumne River east of Glen Aulin,
one over the Tuolumne at Glen Aulin, and one over the West Fork West Walker
River.    The bridge over Conness Creek, connecting the PCT to Glen Aulin
High Sierra Camp, was completely washed out.

The trail was in as good shape as it gets, most trees removed or bypassed,
but still very steep and rocky over the many ridges.    Stock was moving
freely, and marking the trail, which was reported as helpful to southbound
through hikers at night.     There were about half a dozen southbounders.

The one exception is an avalance fan at the last creek in Kennedy Canyon.
The trail was pretty much a mess and I'm not sure if it would be
safely passable to stock.

The Leavitt Lake road appears to be passable to ordinary cars from 108
up until the first creek crossing, about a mile from the highway.    
Beyond that, the road requires real off-road
capabilities and major clearance, so park your car before the creek

It took about two hours to get
from the PCT to  that first creek crossing.    That involved crossing 
a minor hard snow patch in the dark.

There were two late afternoon thunderstorms which hit just as I was
planning to go up and over ridges.    So the last day was very long
to make up for lost time. 

Smoke from the various Yosemite and Stanislaus fires was noticeable on
some days and absent on others.

David Hough

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