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Sat Apr 21 13:27:50 CDT 2018

My impression was that ground sheets were necessary to prevent damage to 
the tent floor (since most are so thin now they could easily be damaged) 
and to trap moisture/condensation from the ground so it doesn't soak 
through your floor.  Having a ground sheet that only covers part of your 
floor wouldn't do either of those well.  (That said, I've never 
experimented with this, so I don't know if that's really the purpose of 
ground sheets, I just always used them unquestioningly...)

Also, I had a surprising amount of difficulty keeping my ground sheet 
from blowing away at certain points on the trail.  I had to weigh it 
down with rocks very often.  In fact, near Squaw Creek in the Sierras, 
my ground sheet blew out from under my pitched tent, with rocks on its 
corners, and all my gear inside the tent resting on it.

So, if the ground sheet were smaller than my tent footprint, then I 
would've had to sleep on rocks, or let the ground sheet blow away.


On 04/21/2018 05:28 AM, Sabrina Harrison wrote:
> Help me think this through - I have a z packs rain skirt and have
> considered unzipping it and using it as a small tarp under my tent.
> It’s roughly the size of my trunk area, would go to my knees.
> Any reason this would be a bad idea?
> Obviously this is less about weight and more about having an
> efficient kit where everything has earned its right to be in my pack
> :D
> GoGo
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